Light Pole Banner Hardware

PoleGear-1 Fixed Light Pole Banner BracketsPoleGear-1 Fixed Light Pole Banner Brackets

Perfect for short term installation of large banners or long term small banners. Fully upgradable to PoleGear2 Adjustable hardware.

PoleGear-1 Fixed Light Pole Banner BracketsPoleGear-2 Adjustable Light Pole Banner Brackets

Suggested for long term installation of large banners. Natural aluminum or powder coated finishing for custom color requests.


PoleGear-Vintage Light Pole Banner BracketsPoleGear-Vintage Light Pole Banner Brackets

Vintage hardware eliminates the need to use banding or strapping around the light pole. For pedestrian areas or on period-style lamp posts the vintage system has more aesthetic appeal.


PoleGear-1 Fixed Light Pole Banner BracketsPoleGear-Architectural Wall Mount Banner Brackets

Ideal for exterior graphics on buildings, wall-mount hardware affixes to the building with lag bolts (not provided) and can be adjusted and tensioned for graphic change-outs.



You have made me look so good...

They are here... You did not even let a Federal Holiday stop you from getting our Banners to us on the appointed date.   I am really impressed with Project Graphics.  You have made me look so good and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Oh, by the way, I love the Banners.

City of Dumas