Light Pole Banner Hardware

PoleGear-1 Fixed Light Pole Banner BracketsPoleGear-1 Fixed Light Pole Banner Brackets

Perfect for short term installation of large banners or long term small banners. Fully upgradable to PoleGear2 Adjustable hardware.

PoleGear-1 Fixed Light Pole Banner BracketsPoleGear-2 Adjustable Light Pole Banner Brackets

Suggested for long term installation of large banners. Natural aluminum or powder coated finishing for custom color requests.


PoleGear-Vintage Light Pole Banner BracketsPoleGear-Vintage Light Pole Banner Brackets

Vintage hardware eliminates the need to use banding or strapping around the light pole. For pedestrian areas or on period-style lamp posts the vintage system has more aesthetic appeal.


PoleGear-1 Fixed Light Pole Banner BracketsPoleGear-Architectural Wall Mount Banner Brackets

Ideal for exterior graphics on buildings, wall-mount hardware affixes to the building with lag bolts (not provided) and can be adjusted and tensioned for graphic change-outs.



Kudos to all!!

Cem emailed me back with the concern about the stability of the Vinyl for the project and the offer to upgrade to the sailcloth material for no extra charge, just to make sure that we got the best product for the situation.

I am amazed at the quality of service and care your company offers and want to extend my sincerest appreciation and applause for a quality group of people and their practice.

Kudos to all!!

Camp Forest Springs