Sponsorship Guide


Add attractive visuals. Add community spirit. Add revenues.

Project Graphics has long admired and respected efforts to preserve America’s Main Streets. As a long-time member of the National Historic Trust, we are aware of the challenges faced by historic towns as they try to balance commerce and economic development with infrastructure renewal and preservation of the town’s character and historic charm. That’s why we developed an idea that would benefit everyone – the Banner Sponsorship Program.

For over fifteen years, the Banner Sponsorship Program has allowed towns across America to install light-pole banners in their downtowns without outside funding. In fact, these programs generate revenue. The basic idea is that businesses, patrons, associations and community organizations pay an annual fee to underwrite a banner and their name is then added in a “slice” of matching fabric below your town’s banner. They get great local exposure and the town gets a light-pole banner program. The sponsorship covers the initial installation and produces even more excess revenue in following years, usually over $10,000 per year!

A Banner Sponsorship Program includes nine stages:

  1. Choose a program organizer and promoter as the key point person.
  2. Define the parameters – how many poles and just one banner or a rotation.
  3. Decide on the look and feel you want, perhaps soliciting design ideas locally.
  4. Call Project Graphics for a price quote for banners and hardware.
  5. Create a project summary with all costs, projected revenues and chosen graphics.
  6. Get approval from local officials and committees and ask for endorsements.
  7. Solicit sponsorships using key marketing tools and generate “buzz” in the local media.
  8. Place your order, confirm your artwork and set up installation.
  9. Organize on-going efforts from replacing sponsors to adding new banners to your rotation.


A brief overview of services provided by Project Graphics:

  1. Consultation to insure that the program is properly structured, marketed and executed.
  2. Advisory services on all aspects of the banners, from the creation of suitable graphics to the proper decisions regarding size, location, fabrics, print process, hardware and installation.
  3. Necessary marketing tools including artwork for display boards and presentations, poster layouts and electronic design files.
  4. Complete manufacturing of the product at our New England location.
  5. Custom hardware systems that co-ordinate with the downtown fixtures.
  6. Automatic over-runs stored at our facility to eliminate costly replacement costs in the event of damage or failure.


If your community is currently undergoing downtown revitalization, utilizing the Historic Trust’s Four Point Approach or simply seeking to fund-raise and implement a new banner display, a sponsorship program could provide the necessary funding to jump-start your project. Please contact us to discuss how we can help or to order a copy of the full program guide.

they turned out great

Yesterday was the first day of the banners on the light poles. I think they turned out great. I have heard from several business owners stating that they like the look. Thanks again for your help.

Trenton Downtown Improvement Association